AireMist brings you a unique Air-to-Water generating system

Airemist range - Air to water generation technology
  • AireMist water generating system extracts moisture from the air through a condensation process.
  • Using a series of state-of-the-art water filtration systems, water is transformed from moist into pure and healthy drinking water.
  • The Ultra Violet and Reverse Osmosis filtration, with 0.0001 micron meter aperture, removes virus, heavy metals, bacteria, toxin and other harmful matters.
  • AireMist is certified by Conformite Europeene (CE) and also a member of the Water Quality Association in the USA. In addition, our water is tested to be 99.9% pure, exceeding the international standards required.

Frequently asked questions

How does AireMist transform air into water?

H2O comes in 3 forms, liquid, vapor, and solids. AireMist transforms vapor into water via a process called condensation. Subsequently, the newly harvested water is transported through a 7 stage filtration process, including reverse osmosis and ultra violet lamps, which turns it to pure drinking water. This is a novel and innovative solution to address our planet’s current issue of depleting clean water resources.

How safe is the water to drink?

According to a test report from a “Standard” certified lab, AireMist water is in compliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Primary & Secondary Drinking Water Standards and the Standard for Water and Packaged Drinking Water, the Food Act of 1983 in Malaysia.

What happens if there are impurities in the air?

As a first step in the Airemist process, vapor is passed through an air filter which is equipped with an Electrostatic Anti Bactria and Anti Fungal features, thus filtering any contaminants prior to the condensation process.  This process actually cleans the air in your home or office at the same time, therefore you have both clean water, and clean air – a win-win situation! Additionally, our technicians will perform routine service and maintenance on the air filters every time they visit.

Is AireMist water safe for children to consume?

AireMist is safe for anybody no matter the age . AireMist commits to provide the safest and purest form of water for all mankind.